Saturday, October 21, 2017

Camp Day

Camp Day Fun!

Setting up!

Ready to go!

Reading with Epic Books

Snack Around the Campfire!

We had so much fun sharing stories with each other around the campfire! Camp Day was camp-tastic!

A Peek at the Week

Monster Fun!

Monster Math Enrichment

Students learned that multiplication is the same as repeated addition. They worked with multiplication of 4 to create a Math Monster.  Students would draw a card from a 1-10 pile. If the card was a 3, then the would write 3 x 4 and 4 + 4 + 4. They used the strategies they have been learning to help them solve the equations.  The kiddos would say, “I know my doubles and 4 + 4 equals 8 and 8 + 4 is 12, so 3 x 4 = 12."  Students would also use tally marks to help them solve the problems. The answer to the problem would show the kiddos what they could draw on their monster. They loved this project! 

I Need My Monster 

We read, I Need My Monster, for an interactive read aloud. We did a mini-lesson around visualizing and using our 5 senses to explain what we are thinking. I read part of the book without showing the Campers the pictures. We talked about the strong and juicy words the author used to help us visualize. Then, the kiddos drew a picture of what they were visualizing and created sentences to explain their thinking that included three of their five senses. When they activity was complete, I finished the book and showed them the pictures. They were so excited to see what the monster, Gabe, actually looked like and made many connections to their own drawings!  

Saying Goodbye to our Butterflies

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ambassador Monarch Butterflies

As we continue learning about the life cycle of butterflies, butterfly migration to Mexico and roosting, we sent ambassador monarch butterflies to Mexico. The purpose of this activity was to spread kindness and build friendships with students in Mexico to show our appreciation for monarch butterfly conservation. The Campers even learned Spanish to be able to communicate with the students in Mexico. They also included images that represent Maine in order to teach them a little about our state.

Camp Davis Creates a Monarch Roost!

Taking Charge of Reading

Students continue to take charge of reading and tackle tricky words all by themselves! Our class motto, "When things get tricky, roll up your sleeves and dig in!"

Swag Tags

Campers are earning Swag Tags daily, as they continue to demonstrate growth mindset traits in the classroom. I am so proud of their work as well as their support and kindness for one another!

Math Explorations! 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Peek at the First Few Weeks!

Reading: The Campers are becoming familiar with our classroom library.  They are learning to make “just right” book choices through book shopping.  They are also using the five finger test as another strategy to finding just right books.  The kiddos are also learning to take charge of their reading by deciding how they want to read, as they are now grown up second grade readers.  I immensely enjoyed hearing the students read their passages.  Some spoke as news announcers while others read in sing song tones, sad tones, silly tones, etc.  Expression is a fun and engaging way to practice reading fluency. 

We are focusing on creating a classroom community around growth mindset.  I have introduced the students to a variety of traits that support a growth mindset through read aloud texts.  When we foster a classroom community based upon these habits of mind, the students take risks with their learning, support one another, as well as celebrate successes, mistakes, and progress.

A book I read to introduce growth mindset was, Leo The Late Bloomer. Before I began reading, we discussed a powerful word… “YET”. In this story, a young tiger named Leo can not read, write, speak, eat neatly or draw.  It is taking him longer to bloom than all of his friends.  The kiddos and I discussed how we are ALL capable of learning, but the ways in which we learn and the time we need to bloom may be different.  As I read the story, the kiddos would finish the book’s sentence with the word, “YET!”.   For example, I would read, “Leo could not read,” then the students would chant out the word, “YET!”  At the end of the story, Leo’s persistence and the support of his family help him to bloom.  The students came to the conclusion that we will support all of our friends in our journey of learning.  Our destination may be the same, but the vehicle we take and the speed we choose to go is 
individualized for each of us. 

Our Five Growth Mindset Traits:

Each word was introduced with a read aloud that demonstrated the growth mindset trait.  The students are already utilizing this language in our everyday classroom.  When the kiddos demonstrate one of these traits, they may earn a “swag tag”.  The “swag tag” is worn as a necklace for the day to celebrate and honor the student’s growth mindset.  I will send home a certificate with the child so they may celebrate their growth mindset with you at home! 

Writing: The students had an opportunity to complete our beginning of the year writing prompt.  Independently, the kiddos wrote a personal narrative. This snapshot will provide one example of your child's beginning of the year writing skills to help me create meaningful writing goals with each student. 

Word Study: I am checking in with students on priority words and sight words.  The students just completed a spelling inventory.

Math: Our Mathematicians are in full swing.  The kiddos are getting used to our daily math routine, which includes a math warm up, a math message, the lesson, and independent work.  They also have learned some fun math games to reinforce the skills they have been taught. 

Science: Students learned about the different type of scientists and were able to become scientists as we observed sunflowers.  The kiddos loved using the microscopes to notice and observe the stem and petal of a sunflower up close.  The ooh’s and ahh’s echoed through the classroom.  

Social Studies: We are building classroom community and connecting our thinking to the Yarmouth community.  We have been discussing citizenship in the classroom and in our community.  Together, we “unpacked” our YES core value words: citizenship, caring, fairness, and respect.  To unpack these words, Vivian Vision, a southern cowgirl, joined our room to ask the kiddos what these words looked liked, sounded like, and felt like in action.  We followed up our conversations and ideas with role play to ensure the students new the expected behaviors.  While unpacking these words a few other important words kept being brought up: safe, fun and effort or hard work.  We then created a classroom vision using these seven words.  We put our classroom song to the tune, Can’t Stop This Feeling. Below is our classroom song (vision) that we sing and shimmy to every morning to make our values come alive!

I got this feeling inside my bones
It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on
All through our classroom, 
all through our home
We're flying up, no ceiling, 
when we in our zone

I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got respect in my feet
I feel the caring, safe environment at the top…OOHH
I can't take my eyes up off it, 
being amazing citizens
You’ll like the way we rock it, 
so don't stop

And under camp lights 
is where everyone grows
Working hard 
to meet all of our goals
Fairness and fun 
is what we all know
So just imagine, just imagine,
 just imagine…

I can't stop the feeling
So just dance, dance, dance
I can't stop the feeling
So just dance, dance, dance

 Come on