Friday, March 2, 2018

Read Across America Day

You can find magic wherever you look. 
Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.
~Dr. Seuss 

Class Camp Out Day!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Arctic Expedition

The campers took a virtual reality expedition to the Arctic!  What an amazing learning adventure we had with Mrs. Wolinksey!  The students felt that they were actually in the Arctic as they learned about the Arctic tundra, polar bears, life in the arctic, and the Northern Lights.  They are already asking to take another trip!

Winter Reading Celebration

The campers were so excited to celebrate their reading growth at Harrison Middle School on Thursday morning!  The campers were buddied up with a sixth grade student to share and read a favorite book of theirs.  The expression reading was adorable and there was a great deal of reading pride in all students!

Friday, January 19, 2018

World of Change

The students have been so proud to add change to our World of Change jars. Helping to make a difference is bringing them much joy.

Friday, January 12, 2018

World Of Change

We were excited to welcome World of Change® to our classroom today! You may have read the Portland Press Herald article, or seen these great news clips by WGME News Anchor Kim Block and NEWS Center's Jessica Gagne about this new nonprofit founded by local nonprofit executive Matt Hoidal. Matt brought World of Change® Classroom Change Kits into a few of our classrooms, along with pouches of loose change for each of the children to decide which focus areas to invest their change in. The kids were given the opportunity to choose from six jars and programs (housing, childhood literacy, food security, health and wellness, financial literacy, and children's play). You'll likely notice your child coming home with their World of Change® coin pouch today.

Over the course of the next month, kids can bring change from home to school, to add to the jars and see how their change adds up with others in a big way - so big in fact, a World Record ChangeFest® is planned again for 2018, after successfully setting a Maine record in 2017 at L.L.Bean. For more about World of Change® and their plans for harnessing the $10B in loose change sitting idle in households across the US, and empowering kids and communities to dream of and create wide-scale change, visit their website. Attached is a one-sheet explaining the concept.

We encourage you to take time to discuss this important program with your children and use it as an opportunity to illustrate how something as simple as change and the little things we do can make a big impact - especially when combined with the efforts of others.  Please know that this is an optional program and there is no pressure to participate. However, the benefits of participation are considerable. As noted, we make sure that all students have an initial amount of money to contribute.  We are excited to put our YES core values into action through World of Change!

Welcome Fatima!

We have a new camper in our campsite. She comes to us from Ohio. We are so excited to have her be a part of Camp Davis! The campers have welcomed her with open arms! 

Measuring Fun

In math the students have been exploring measurement with inches and centimeters. 

Happy New Year!!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Readers' Theatre Performance

Thank you for joining Camp Davis to watch the campers in their first Readers' Theatre debut! The kiddos were so excited and proud to have you there. They did a wonderful job reading fluently and with expression! 

Working together to make props for our Readers' Theatre background!

Pajama Day!

We wore matching pajamas!

Moose on the Loose Shenanigans 

Our Moose on the Loose was very mischievous and toilet papered our classroom. The campers had so much fun walking into the mess. 

Holiday Math Challenge with Mr. Gross

The campers collaborated and problem solved together by using clues to solve the reindeer riddle. I loved listening to their shared thinking and watching the strategies they used. 

Lighting Up The World With Kindness

We have spent the month of December lighting up our classroom and school with kindness. The campers wanted to do more and we decided we would make holiday cards for nursing homes. The students put a lot of love into their creations and took a lot of pride in their work.  I am so proud of these campers!