Thursday, June 15, 2017

A peek at the wonderful memories we share!

The Mallett Borthers Visit Camp Davis!

We were beyond fortunate and thankful to have the Mallett Brothers join us for a classroom concert! The kiddos were captivated by the songs and their talent. They engaged with the kiddos and spoke about the instruments they use and what they do. A big shout out to Wilder's dad, the violinist in the band, for organizing this! Thank you! A huge highlight was watching Wilder play his violin with the band. He sounded like he had been playing with the band forever!

Friday, June 2, 2017

EDU BREAKOUT: If You Take a Mouse to School

The Campers has so much fun being detectives, solving math and literacy questions in order to crack the case. They collaborated and shared their thinking in order to solve clues that opened locks. Excitement and persistence filled the room as they solved each piece of the mystery!

A visit from Mr. and Mrs. Fish!

The kiddos learned all about the rocky shores of Maine through a very fun and interactive show!